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SidePrize offers more excitement for H2H players

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The good folks at Head2Head Sports have been kind enough to let me take a moment to introduce myself on the blog. My name is Adam Wexler, and I’m the Founder & CEO of SidePrize, the Fantasy Sports Trade Association’s “Rookie of the Year” for 2016.

By now, I’d hope many of you have noticed SidePrize buttons within the Head2Head platform. We started our partnership together last fall with NFL 2015, and it’s continued through NBA, MLB and back around with NFL this fall.

Our name gives a good indication of what we do. SidePrize is pretty simple: We bring the excitement and immediacy of daily fantasy to the season-long format.  Using your Head2Head roster that you’ve already put the time into selecting, you can challenge anyone in your league to a matchup and take that competition to the next level.

SidePrize allows you to challenge anyone in your league on any given week.

We had some great Head2Head users embrace it last fall, and Randy Troyer may have been one of our most ardent adopters. Here’s what Randy had to say about his experience:

“SidePrize added another level to my fantasy play.  Not only could I compete against my scheduled opponent, I had the opportunity to challenge anyone else in the league.  In a word, it was GREAT!  I could challenge what I felt would be a lesser opponent only to find we had nearly identical teams.  Nothing like cheering for your kicker on MNF so you can win 5, 10, even $50!  Then, if I was really cocky, I could even offer some points.  It was exciting, challenging, and, most of all, a lot of FUN!  It truly enhanced the H2H experience and can let you salvage an otherwise weak season.  1-10 or 10-1… you can win with SidePrize.”

– Randy Troyer

To Randy’s last point, you don’t have to be a top team to continue to have fun and win SidePrize Challenges against your league mates.

To make things more interesting this year, we’ve added a new functionality that allows you to place Season-Long Challenges against anyone in your league. If you don’t want everything to come down to the 1st place finishers, pick out your most bitter rival(s) and put down a Season-Long SidePrize. If you have multiple rivals, you’re free to place as many Season-Long Challenges as you want. If nothing other than the name, I’d say Head2Head is a pretty appropriate partner here :)

As an up-and-coming company in the fantasy sports industry, we really value your feedback. Please don’t hesitate to let us know any ideas or questions you may have. You are welcome to email me directly: adam@sideprize.com

Looking forward to opening kickoff!

– Adam

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